What's a used 2010 Sherco Access worth?

I am looking to buy a newer trials bike to replace my 1999 Gas Gas TXT 270. I was thinking a 2005-07, because that's about what my budget allows. I came across a 2010 Sherco Access 250cc that is a little above my budget, but sounds like it might be a good deal. It is hard to decide a fair price though, because I can't find anything similar to compare it to. It is the only used Access model I have ever seen for sale.

Owners description is: "Bike is in excellent condition with brand new front & rear tires, sprockets and chain. Also includes many extras: V-Mar upper triple clamp with adjustable S3 bar clamps & S3 fat bars, S3 Hard Rock adjustable foot pegs, V-Mar case saver, V-Mar rear sprocket, bar ends."

It is a trial shop owners personal bike. I talked to the owner and it was ridden for 4 months, once a week. Bike looks almost new in the pictures. It is located several states away so I can't go look at it or test ride it and would have it shipped.

Any opinions on what it's worth? Thanks.

$4500 ballpark with the listed goodies depending on condition would be my est. They actually have held there value well since the other bikes are now $7K+

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