1985 xl350R suspension psi

Hey all, I've been trying to find recommended air pressure settings for the front shocks on my xl but have yet to find them online. I think maybe the Clymers manual has them but not sure. anyone got these numbers?

Standard is 0 PSI, you play with your oil level. If it's not firm enough, you can go up to 15 PSI.

My understanding is the valve is to let air OUT when air builds up pressure in the fork.

My understanding is the valve is to let air OUT when air builds up pressure in the fork.

That's it, an easy way to bleed the air pressure when your oil level is set right.

thanks guys. i always had the idea you added or removed air to adjust the handling.

There are guys that do that, and they say it can make a difference.

But from Honda is that it's for bleeding air out.

The seals aren't made to hold air pressure and if you pump it up enough to help you're likely to blow the seals out.

Back in the early and mid eighties Honda recommended using air pressure to tune the forks, that's why the fork caps have a schrader valve. In the seventies I ran two bikes without fork springs, just air pressure and oil level for tuning. The fork seals are lip seals and increases in pressure just cause a tighter seal, not a blown seal.

The problem with using air pressure is the hassle of checking and maintaining the pressure, IMO it is much easier to tune the forks for zero pressure, and bleed before a ride. Bleed valves are available in several sizes for newer forks that make bleeding just a button push.

yeh that sounds right. I have the bike for a long time and never touched them. I just notice the front end is really bouncy on most terrain especially any sort of rocks. whole front end just bounces all over the place regardless of where I'm sitting. Maybe I should bleed mine.

What is the PSI range for the XR250L forks?

From a 1986-87 XR250R service manual:

Standard 0 psi

Service limit 0-15 psi

Use a low volume, low pressure pump or a pressure regulator to charge the fork.

You guys know there are lots of folks pulling their very good XR400, later 600 and 650R forks to go USD. Those are some pretty nice forks laying around on the resale market. For the price of a set of fork springs you can buy whole set of forks that will transform the bike.

What is the PSI range for the XR250L forks?

The XR250L owner's manual says standard is 0 psi and maximum is 6 psi with forks cold and fully extended.

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