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Hi everyone, i was wanting to get a pitbike for around $600 but dont know what to get or if i should buy a frame and a motor and put it all together, if someone could just help me by giving me some advice. Thanks

+1 on getting a "factory" bike with readily available parts.

Go to craigslist and find a used CRF, XR50, or Kawi KLX110 (for something a bit bigger than a 50), then build it out however you like.

i just boguth a pitster pro x4r off o c-list. came with an aftermarket gpx 150cc. this bike rips. if your looking for a bike that comes race ready i would suggest one of these but if you want to build a bike thats going to be very reliable and easy to locate parts for i suggest getting the crf50 or the klx 110. it all depends on how much your willing to spend and how much your going to be riding it

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