Bad ignition cylinder?

So, I'm getting ready to move and going through the bike since I have not started it yet this year. I made sure the battery is fully charged and put it in the bike. I turn the key in the ignition and get nothing. Main fuse is okay.

I notice that the key turns to on and off properly, but won't turn left to the parking light or lock position. I think I've got a bad ignition cylinder since I already eliminated the clutch and side stand switches. I won't be able to get a new ignition lock cylinder before I leave.

I had the same problem with my '07 650.

The ign switch can be tricky as you have to push down slightly while turning counter clockwise and when its dry, things can get sticky. I used DuPont Teflon Multi-use dry wax lube on it. Easier to get into the lock position than when it was new.

Happy trails...

Well do your indicators/ lights come one when you turn the key on? turn signals, neutral, brights?

Sorry for the lack of response, just got internet access here in NM. When I turn the key on I get no lights, no power, no cranking. Tested battery and it is ok.

I installed a new ignition lock cylinder and now the new key turns fine. Still no power at all. I pulled the CDI and checked the pin terminal resistance values. Most are ok, except for a couple of pins- like pin 11 has no readings.

Does anyone have any tips before I buy a new CDI?


I just installed a new kill switch assembly and I have power now. The engine cranked over and fired. I adjusted my jetting, for Albuquerque, to a 150 main and removed the washer under the clip in the 4th position on the needle per mx_rob's recommendation and everything is good.

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