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What kind of exhausts are usable for 11'250 exc-f (xcfw)?

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Hello. I'v just's bought a brand new KTM 11'250 exc-f (or xcfw US-version as far as I know - it is the same bikes). I'v already got the full power by the exluding the catalitic converter, smal window changing for full-size filter hole and etc.

The big issue is that the torque is too low at low rpms to my mind and I solved to rejet it with Dynojet guys at the rollers.

What kind of complete exhaust system is usable for this bike?

(I dont want to use Acrapovic because Russian dealers have some problems with custom and cannot deliver it)

Only that I found out is that FMF Factory 4.1 + Megabomb is usable.

Maybe any other options like pro-circuit or yosh. Thanks in advance.


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that 4.1 is a great exhaust

thanks for inf, Alex.

Maybe someone has expirience of using its combo (Factory 4.1+ Megabomb) on 250 XCFW? What it gives to motorcycle character?

Are the any other complete systems usable on 250xcfw?!

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