bleeding my drz w russel braided line

so i got my supermoto stuff all on today and figured i have the time i myeswell put my braided line on too......

well i didnt' get to ride today because i have no front brakes....pissed me off.

i have 5.1 fluid, all fitting are tight. it took 30 mins of bleeding by hand and turning the wheels and knocking on the line to get all fluid. There is no air when bleeding the brakes. we bled and all fluid came out for literally 10-15 mins.

any ideas? obviously there is air somewhere but damn just can't find it. the brake bolts are tight and have new washers.

is there anything i'm missing or do i need to spend another hour and a half bleeding it?

I've never had this much trouble bleeding brakes before in my life- car of motorcycle.

if there is something i missed let me know. a brand new set of rubber and brakes that haven't even been used yet is screaming for me to get on and ride.


Do you have a section of the line the loops above the master cylinder? If so, it can have an air bubble trapped there that can be darn near impossible to get out by just pumping and bleeding. Pull the line down so that it's all level with, or below, the master cylinder and try again.

If the brake is just really soft, I've leaned the bike so that the master is the highest part of the system and just squeezed the lever and let it snap out from under my fingers 2 or 3 times and had perfect brakes again (this was after a big crash and the bike upside down for a minute or so).

it has a small loop but it is higher than the mc.

there was a large purge that came up through the mc but i will definitely check that tomorrow.

i AM smarter than these brakes


remove master cylinder, extend like, squeeze lever, brakes

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