Moving bars forward?

I have a 2000 YZ250. I would like to experiment with moving the bars a little forward to give me more room as I am 6'3". Can someone reccommend to me what I need? Thanks.

do you want to literally move them forward? or you could try tilting them out a little bit and see if that works, hey its free

tilt them forward. it helps a lot. i am 6'0" but i had bars that were even lower then stock and stock were already low, i didnt want to buy new bars, so i tilted the low bars forward. they are just fine, try it. its very simple

A new top clamp with adjustable bar positions. Lots of options out there

I've tried rotating the bars forward but I think I would like a little more room.

get some tall bars. they have tall bars for 70 bucks at cycle gear

i have some bar risers that move the bars up 1 inch and forward 1 inch. cant remember who makes them, nice aluminum parts, i am sure if you search here or on google they will come up.... for me they work great i mostly trail ride...

Aftermarket upper triple clamps (with adjustable bar mount locations) were real popular for those bikes. This will let you position the bars a bit further forward. FleaBay should have plenty; look for 1996-2002 YZ125/250/400/426.

Taller bars with less sweep will help too.

Or you can get bar risers...

Good luck!

Are your stock mounts bolt on with offset or cast in? Mine were bolt on my 2000 WR400 and '06 YZ. If so flip them 180 degrees and it'll move the bars forward.

Thanks for all the info guys.

If you wanted to go ultra cheap, an 03 top clamp will bolt right on and the mounts are more forward from where you are starting from. If you go too far, the handling gets strange.

Look at the KTM bend bar as well. It has very little sweep so it feels like its way more forward at the grips, but where it mounts is the same.

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