1997 rm 125 piston and rings when to change

Hey guys, I've got about probably 50+ hours on the top end of my rm125. I ride only on trails and only hit the powerband on straightaways. I usually run it at about 40:1 and don't ride it very hard. I'm wondering if i absolutely have to replace the rings, because I don't have a job, and so therefore hardly any money, and don't want to spend unnecessary money. Also, the powerband still hits hard, so theres no low compression. ...

well,have you done a compression test?you should change them soon,it only costs 120 for a whole top end rebuild kit including,gaskets,piston,ring,sirclips,rist pin and bearing.its a fairly easy and inexpencve job if you do it your self.

You can buy a top-end kit from Suzuki that includes piston/rings/wrist-pin/clips/gaskets and wrist-pin bearing. It is cheaper buying the kit and all of the parts are in there you need.

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