94 wr250...

anyone know much about these bikes? i'm looking to get into the 2t on a budget and found one for $500 that just needs reeds and the muffler repacked, nice looking graphics and seat cover that match. Are these good bikes? suspension problems like all the old bikes? any knowledge is appricated :thumbsup:

Yes-Yes -Yes What part of C.A are you in ?

i'm right between bakersfield and fresno up in the sierra nevadas... i'm pretty interested in it... i mean anything that runs for $500 is a good deal...lol. just gotta sell my 07 WR450 first :thumbsup:

These older Super Bikes are a blast!-But they can be pricey/hard to find replacement parts.Once you make it "yours" total worth-it Grand into mine-including price-now it's Reg maintenance and 20hr re-ring- good to go! This would be a great bike to get and keep your o7. If you do'er up on a budget,you can throw it next to your WR-for that Bud's who;s ride is down LOL-Good luckYZ-JustneedsFluids031.jpg

nice... yeah i've got to sell the 07 cuase i'm in need of $1,500 pretty quick but i've got a 99 WR400 that i'm going to put it by hopefully

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