jetting a Keihn FCR-MX carb

the bike im getting is at 261 ft above sea level I live at 2514 ft above sea level...It has the afore-mentioned carb on it. Hes going to deliver it you guys think ill have to rejett it...and if so is there a walk through on here on how to do an FCR as Ive never fooled with one of those before... also what jets do you guys recommend would work at this elevation?

Ride the bike first, then report any running isses.

wow dude thats alot of posts

Generally speaking, a carb set up for sea level is usually good for up to around 3,000ft..

You say you live at 2514ft, but where it is ridden will be the determining factor..

As you increase altitude your bike will run richer, without a jetting change..

As William suggested , see how it runs 1st...:thumbsup:

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