Charge battery- drive and die

Just swapped in a new motor- maybe I missed hooking something up?

The battery drains as I drive down the road and the lights dim- dash goes out and the headlight is last to go out - lasts 40 mins and then eventually the bike won't run at all and I'm walking.

I changed the rectifier - the finned thing and everything else seemed good before. UPDATE- NO I DIDN'T :thumbsup:

How do I test charging system for shorts?

What else to look for?

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At the top of the forum in the FAQs, there is a terrific write up of how to test the stator and charging system. Also take a look at and do the 'free power mod'.

Thanks for the tip on where to look :thumbsup: I have a very new larger size battery - I hope it's not dead- I left it inside for the winter and kept it charged.

I remember reading about the power mod before mothballing the DRZ a few years ago. I will try to get it done this time.

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make sure you have a good connection from the stator. while un likely the connector can either come loose or broke during swap.

make sure you have a good connection from the stator. while un likely the connector can either come loose or broke during swap.

How about - bang on the money.:thumbsup:

How about I did miss something when putting it back together :busted:

Thanks to William1 I read the FAQ on electrical system. Strip tank and side panels and etc off. It suggests checking system with volt meter and I'm thinking I would have to buy or borrow a volt meter tomorrow as I have never owned or operated one.

But in the meantime I'm checking every plug and tightening all connections and I come across those same 2 useless empty plugs as when I put motor in 1.5 years ago. My old chevy has unused plugs- I thought this may or may not be the same.

Then I'm searching the bike everywhere for the rectifier- wow .. they sure have this thing hidden, maybe I can check manual where to find it or look online- so I look in parts box.... and I find I didn't swap rectifiers- I removed it from the frame and somehow thought I had 2 and one was on the bike- there was only one in the box :smirk:

I almost came inside to post and ask what those plugs are for. I look in the parts box and the rectifier has 3 yellow wires just like one of those unused plugs- awesome. :confused:

Mystery solved- I'm no mechanic and this is only my second motor swap- thanks to the TT gang- AGAIN.:worthy:

I left it apart so i could do the power mod tomorrow.

I was sure surprised how quick my battery was dying.

I pray I didn't kill it in the process.

Anybody smart enough about DRZ electrical to comment whether having rectifier disconnected(not in the circuit) adds to the speed of battery draining.

The battery went dead so fast and completely.

yeah that will do it mate. Without the reg. rec. your not charging your battery at all and just running a total loss sysytem like some race bikes. i've seen a drz batt go flat in 20mins of riding when a reg. rec. went up the pokey. plug her in and your good to go.:thumbsup:

If the Reg/Rec is working fine you don't even need the battery in the bike. I had a catastrophic battery failure about 85 miles from home. (two dead cells on a 2 month old battery that died in the middle of a trail). Bump start the bike, headlight works fine, gauges flicker, but it had full power and zero problems. The battery seems to be more for the gauges and e-start and not to keep the bike going.

Frankly, I'm glad it does. being that far back in the woods as the storms moved in wasn't gong to be pretty!

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