type of tire to get?!!?

hey i need a new rear tire and am looking for a good tire that will fit on a 07' kx250f and is good on hard packed dirt and hard sand with small rocks, i ride mostly that but sometimes some loose sand i live in mass with mostly rocky sand and hard dirt, but when im at the cape there is alot of loose sand. but im open to suggestions so thanks.

Maxxis IT is a good tire.

thanks ill check them out

Maxxis IT is a good tire.

Agree :thumbsup:

x3 for the It line!!

thanks im gonna buy the IT on monday along with my new pants, boots, and chest protector , im gettin grips too :thumbsup: sold my klx125l so i have some money :confused:

Here is my IT with 400 miles on a 450, they hold up really well.


wow thats impressive :Oi got my bike with stock tires like brand new on easter i just got the bike and have been adjusting to it and riding hard and theres prob. less then 20% left im definitely gettin the IT's so on the maxxis site its the maxxcross IT? they have like 3 versions

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