new 2009 400 xc-w

Just bought a 2009 400 xc-w. I need to get some radiator braces and a 12t front sprocket. What are the best brands to buy for each for this bike? Is there anything else that I should be looking to get for the new bike?



A JD Jet Kit. And remove the screen at the end of the muffler if it hasn't fallen out already. A map switch and a easy to reach fuel screw. And maybe a trials tire for great hook up on those high mountain trails. I did't gear down my 400 and found it had plenty of bottom after the rejet but thats up to you and trails you ride. Jetting is key to a good running bike. As far as rad braces there are many just don't block the rads and decrease air flow. I put an oversized Acerbis tank and didn't need them. I also changed out the stock anti freeze and never had an over heatng issue. :thumbsup:

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Same bike I just bought 3-4 weeks ago. I love it. Mine is stock, except it is now "street legal" (pending the inspection next week). I will try to take that exhaust screen out today. What is it there for anyway?

Tony, where in CO are you? I'm in west Littleton.

I'm up in Boulder.

I'm working on the street legal thing too. the dealer threw in a ktm headlight kit but it's not a high/low beam one. not sure if it'll pass the inspection but I'll give it a try.

The exhaust screen isn't a spark arrestor?

have you rejetted yet? I'm going to have to. it's got a very lean bog off the bottom. it can't be ridden as is. I'm hoping to just install a new pilot jet and not have to buy and entire JD jet kit.

Its the needle thats the problem. If you want to mess around and try to figure it out thats fine but the JD Kit made that bike run. It was night and day difference. The screen it as throttle limiter makes it a little quieter and 2 less hp. Do you want it to power wheelie or not? And Enduro Eng. makes hi/low switch.

I live in CO too and just bought a new 2009 450XCW.

I bought unibiker rad guards that work well and didn't cost a fortune. Bulletproof Designs makes sick rad guards too but I couldn't afford those. I also recommend a fan kit, skid plate, and hand guards. Oh, and JD Jet kit too. Congrats on the new ride!

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