Quarternac on SX 50

per request a recent update him out riding

Nice, we are at almost the exact same point with our son. Still racing an LEM 50, but riding a KX65 getting ready for next season.

its a challenge to get em over to the 65, going from pinning it to throttle control and suspension. 50cc pin it, 65 cc manage it....

Ours is doing amazingly well. He is already used to a clutch and isn't afraid of the 65's hit.

He is still a little small for the bike, but manages to start it by himself and take off with one foot.

Great vid! Man I miss those 50/65 days. Enjoy them they go by fast.

A FMF or PC pipe help the KX a lot. I don't know about pwr increase, but spreading the power band. Helps keep the kids in the pipe, and gets rid of a lot of the on / off hit. ASV levers really help with the clutch. Helps the little hands reach the clutch. Most KX engage during the last 1/4 inch of play. The ASV can put that within reach. Little things that helped my kid transition a lot quicker.

Nice video :thumbsup: when my son started on his 65 I took the seat off and let him ride it with no seat until he learned to grip with his legs instead of always hanging on with his arm's. Made a big difference

kdub, thanks for the info. I was wondering what type of mods to do that would help out the shifting learning process. The biggest problem is the ergonomics of his small hands and the levers. I will give the asv a look. Currently he rides it for practice and to keep his 50 alive. The 50 SX isnt holding up to his abuse.

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