01 RM 250 power valve question

My power valve is sticking closed. If I disconnect the rod I can feel it pushing up at about 2000-3000 rpm. When it's connected I can rev it to 9000 rpm then it will snap open. I'm pretty sure it needs to come apart for a good cleaning, but my question is can this be done without removing the cylinder?

Thanks in advance!

mine does the exact same thing. I sanded down the area around the powervalve and its still a little sticky. So im going to do it again. but the answer to your question is that you will need to remove the cylinder because when you clean it you dont want the crud to go into the motor. thats reason 1.

Reason 2 is you want space and room to actually work and do the job properly. So take the time and take the cylinder off.

Thanks for the reply.

I just went out on a nasty ride yesterday and busted some stuff up

so it looks like I'll have time to do it right. Did you sand the power valve itself

or the cylinder?

Some guys use oven cleaner. I use a small brass wire wheel in my drillpress at a slow speed to grind away the muck. In the cylinder use a dull pocketknife. scrape it all clean. It will take a while if it is plugged up enough that the valve wont open. I dissasemble and scrape , have a beer, and scrape some more. Then you can clean it with some mineral spirits and a good stiff plastic brush. I get mine newlike clean, you should do the same, dont shortcut it. lube all parts with premix oil and reassemble. I would put in a new piston and rings if you got the cash while it's apart.

Get the cover off and spray with gumout carb cleaner. Also take breather hose off and spray in hole and check your spring tension on the side of head, should be a quarter turn clockwise for proper tension.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Got to get my son's bike done first to free up some room

then it's time to tear it apart. I'll make it look brand new.

Is this something that should be done every season?

Thanks again

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