2010 CRF 450 gearing question

I am on a virtually stock 2010 crf450 but have the full yoshi carbon fiber exhaust. I noticed that the gearing feels relatively short compared to earlier models. For example, it feels like when I shift from near redlining 2nd gear and into 3rd, that 3rd gear is already near redlining almost immediately. I'm curious as to whether this is normal for fuel injected bikes and if anyone feels the same way and changed their gearing?

I think youre discovering two different things here.

1. Youre going faster than you thought

2. It runs out of juice up top

A remap will get you more on top and you'll be able to stretch 3rd further.

Is it a matter of not wanting 4th?

People complain about 09 and newer models being a bit tall for MX. I am fine with 48t rear but 49 works ok for MX too. Never heard of anyone saying the stock gearing was too short or using a 47 t rear sprocket. Neither for enduros, trails or SX.

I think these 450 bikes should not be at the redline at all, you can have a more effective use of the power by short-shifting and using all the torque available, at least at MX. If you are redlining 3rd and then 4th gear in a MX track, you should be riding really fast or the track is huge and with no bumps or ruts at all.....

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