GoPro 960 Standby - Battery Life?

Just opened my new 960....anyone have experience with leaving unit on during the rides in standby, shuttering up when needed? About how much does the standby mode eat up the battery? I hate to have to turn the unit on and off blindly but if it majorly affects battery life then will have to reconsider...

Suppose to have 2- 2.5hr battery life but this is listed I assume as video-on life.

I can't really get specific but I can tell you that it won't last all day if you leave it on standby. I tried it at the track one day.

Ohh shoot. Forgot about that!

I have the HD hero, but I never use the 1080P anyway. I wonder why it's not compatible, they're practically the same camera.

Had about a 5 hr ride on saturday, turned on and off for about 3 hrs. Last 2hrs left it on standby and it still had 2 bars left on battery with about 20 - 4 min vid clips total so pretty decent life on standby as I can see. Will see again this weekend when leave it on longer standby.

I just hate turning on and off blindly and actually missed some cool sections because of.:thumbsup:

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