98 kx 250 no compression

just bought a 98' kx 250 it ran when i got it but after like 1 ride it now has no compression...

I think the guy scammed me but i only paid $1,100.

do u think i got ripped off and

can u list some of the reasons why it would have no compression/how much will it cost to fix?

well it has to be looked at to know how much it will cost.Most likely its the piston damaged in some way,wether the cylinder is good or crank you won't know untill pulled apart.Do you mean it has 0 compression?

just because you didnt pay an assload dos'nt necessarilly mean you were scammed, just means that there are things you overlooked. for instance did you ask him about the time he had on the motor, when he last went through the internals?

hell, i paid 750 up front for my 98, and ive managed to put almost a good year of hard riding on it, and it still runs like a champ!

he said the engine was brand new, and it even looked like it was new

The easiest way without having to ruin gasketS is to do a pressure test. Instructions are in the FAQ section. Its on a Honda but the process is the same, measurements for the tools will be different though.

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