Keeps revving

I just picked up an 03 ttr125l. It was not running at the time so i don't know how it ran before. Cleaned out the carb, had sand/dirt in it. found that the strainers in the petcock/valve assembly were gone. The mesh itself was missing, not the whole strainer. The petcock is damaged, I have a new one coming along with a needle and seat. but my problem is when you rev the engine, it take about four seconds for it to idle back down.

Could it be the idle air screw adjustment? What else?


Sounds like a hanging idle, which is usually caused by a lean condition. Once you get your petcock and other stuff fixed, I'd suggest cleaning the carb again and then experiment with your fuel screw. Might even need to go up one pilot size.

Thanks man!!

Opened the fuel screw another turn and cured it.

I will check it again after I make my other repairs.

I saw where you and others recommend going up to 17.5 pilot and also up on the main. If I go up on the main, what about the jet needle? Do I lower the clip or leave it as is ?

just leave it where it is, throw a 110 main and the 17.5 pilot and your good to go...

Wow exactly a year later I am having a similar issue with a 2001 ttr 225. This bike used to run just fine when my buddy had it. It did sit over the winter. i have cleaned the carb 3 times and it still holds the rev when the throttle is released. I inspected the pilot jet and it appears to be clear.I also turned turned the air screw out three turns with no resolve. Can someone throw some ideas at me, please. Btw, how far out should I turn that air mixture screw? This bike is bone stock with no mods and I just pulled the plug out of the air mixture screw so it had never been touched before.

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