tire suggestions

Anyone out there have a suggestion for tires for my newly plated street-legal 03WR450 ( have to love Oregon for it's ease of plating these bikes) The tires need to be DOT legal but I would like to find something with a aggressive tread pattern. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Pirelli MT83 front. (DOT replica of the proven Michelin S-12)

Kenda K-760 TrackMaster II rear (good traction and cheap too!)

If you want the ultimate in DOT traction, try the mammoth Interco Terra Flex Tread Style 2. I'm running this right now and this thing flat-out hooks up! On the downside, this is a fairly heavy tire (it is steel belted!) and may require some suspension adjustments to accomodate the added unsprung weight. This is a huge tire which will use up all the space between the swingarm. This tire has huge knobs that self-clean well. This tire refuses to chunk. TerraFlex2-small.jpg

Also, of the two most popular DOT tires, the Dunlop 606 and the Pirelli MT 21, I much prefer the Dunlop. I felt the MT21 off-road effectiveness degraded dramatically as soon as the tire started to wear.

Hope this helps.

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