I had a life changing experience, literally about a half hour ago. A buddy of mine rode to work today on his little 1979 dt100 2 stroke. I have been riding dirt for years, and it is easily my favorite thing to do, but I have never given much thought to riding on the street, because I have never ridden a bike around town much. So I took his bike for a spin, and even though its just about the smallest street legal motor you can get, I couldn't have had more fun. I literally could not believe how awesome riding a little 2 stroke around could make me feel. I have an old DT175 that has a seized piston and no spark, but the first thing in the morning that bike is getting torn apart by me, and made street legal as fast as I can. No I don't think ill enjoy it more than dirt riding in the end, but its going to be the closest thing I can get when I don't have the time for a trip to the trails. All I really wanted to do was share my excitement with a crowd who probably understands how I feel right now, because I would have never thought I could get so hyped up and excited by riding through a Safeway parking lot and down a couple streets...

That is why I love my CBR and CRF equally. I can't hit the track or trails every day, but I can take the CBR out for a cruise if I'm feeling the two wheel fever!

can not wait to get a wr450f.....its an urban playground out there hahaah

Yes, street riding can be lots of fun. It's also easily accessible. Think of it as being a bit like trail riding, but the trail is perfectly smooth, the traction is amazing and the trees and boulders move around at 25-70 mph. I ride my street bike at least 20 times for every 1 time I am able to get out and ride dirt. I love it, but I've come to realize that it really shouldn't be used to replace the adrenaline rush that dirt riding can provide...at least not if you value not getting badly hurt or killed. Ride reasonably and be mindful of traffic at all times and your chances of becoming one of those cautionary tales that non-riders so love to share go waaaay down.

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