Clarke tank (mis)fit

Any of you folks with Clarke tanks have any problems with the shroud bolt holes not matching up with the Clarke tank? My lower right side tank hole is about 1/2" off to the rear on my 2009 DRZ400S.

Mine bolted on perfectly. Tight clearance on the choke lever, but there is just enough room.

My Clarke needed to be pulled and finessed on both sides a little. Normal from what I've experienced with several (IMS/Acerbis/Clarke) oversize MX tanks in the past though. You cant pull and stretch it a little? I haven't seen many oversize tanks match up like the OEM's do.

I've pulled, pushed, twisted, lifted & showed a little lovin' & it still wouldn't line up. If no one else has had this problem then I guess it's just me & I'll give it another shot today.

I had the same problem on the right side, I opened up two holes on the shroud with a slightly larger drill bit.

The lower rad mounts on the shrouds are can sort of wiggle.....with the rads.... Try to remove said lower bolt...... then mount the shroud to the two holes on the tank.....then wiggle the rad to align the lower mount...... :thumbsup::thumbsup:


My recent clarke tank was a full 1/2" out at the shrouds also on my 09 S, too much to even drill the holes a bit. I loosened the radiator to frame mounts then loosely assembled everything and snugged down the bolts a bit. After sitting under tension over a full weekend the tank stretched a bit and was able to tighten bolts all the way without any issues. After a month of use the shrouds come on and off like OEM.

Never would have thought that the tank would "stretch" that much. I can bend/twist the shroud enough to install all of the bolts, but then the right shroud sticks out much farther than the left shroud. I have loosened the rad and installed the shroud with no better results. I guess I'll give the "stretch" a try and if that doesn't work, I'll have to modify the bolt hole on the shroud as did Fixnfly. Thanks for the responses.

I have a thought that the fuel in the tank going through heat cycles allows expansion and contraction of the plastic. I once saw my old IMS tank swell like a balloon when the vent on cap was clogged and it sat out in the hot sun.

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