I need some help.

Hey everyone. Long story short, I want a track bike to ride the tracks with my friends when I'm not out in the desert. I found a used 08 Kawi 250f and have some of the photos the guy sent me, but I wanted an opinion on the bike. The story is, the bike was a magazine shoot out bike that was sold to some other owner, which then sold it to the current (3rd) owner. He claims it has 20-25 hours on it, but has no hour meter on it. What was the color of the clutch cover for the 08 year? I thought it was the brownish magnesium color, but this bike is completely silver/polished, which leads me to believe it has much more than 25 hours on it. The owner also claims there was never any engine work done to the bike. What do you guys think? Sorry this is so long.

Thanks :thumbsup:

Here are the photos that were sent...






First off, most shootout reviews admit they put 10-30 hours on the bikes. As for the clutch cover stock was a brown color. I have seen people remove the paint from the clutch cover to create what looks like a polished aluminum.

FYI- I couldnt load the photos.

Yea, that's what I thought too with the shootout bikes. No worries on the pics; I've seen them on Google images. I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the post :thumbsup:.

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