82 xr80

hey i have an 82 xr80 and i have replaced the plug, fuel filter, coil, and oil, cleaned out carb, and adjusted the valves. when its cold its hard to start it up but once its going its great. but once it gets hot ( after riding around for about 20 mins or so) it starts bogging out and the motor is basically pulsing. then if it idles it dies and wont start for quite a while.

does anyone have any ideas?


maybe the points?

can you expand apon that?

not really, i've never messed with points but my manual states that as a possibility. i tried to scan some pages from the manual for you but it was a no-go!

Criteria for replacing points and condenser: can you remember the last time you replaced them? No? Then it's time.

It sounds like the condenser is breaking down with heat. You can check the condensers' condition if you have a multi meter with a capacitance function (very few do). For less than $20 CDN you can have a new set of points and condenser in your hands at your local Honda dealer. You'll also need a flywheel puller ($5-$15, same as the more popular Z50) you might want to get a manual, they're handy.

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