good and bad YZ125's

Going to get a yz125 as a 2nd/pay bike. Not going to spend much so probably won't end up getting a alloy frame one. But was wondering if there any years to avoid. Seen a cheap 2000.

Any opinions?

Motocross Action says that a 2003 Yz 125 was the best 125 they've ever tested.I don't think there is a Yamaha to avoid. Yammy's are pretty solid and i ride a Suzuki RM 125 so I'm not looking looking through "blue" tinted glasses.

MXA awarded their 2003 125 Shootout victory to the KTM 125 SX.

the 1999's and 2000's any good? Still got good bottom end for a 125?

MXA awarded their 2003 125 Shootout victory to the KTM 125 SX.

That was 2004.

Ive seen good condition 05s go for around 1500 on craigslist!!!

My 01 had plenty of bottom end. Was also piped and jetted nicely.

I have owned may YZ 125's and I have never had a 'bad' one, in my opinion the Yamaha 125 motor is one of the most solid engines ever built. They can take a beating, plus they actually have low-end something other 125's did not have.

I have owned KX125's and they had good motors as well, just the Yamie had low-end that made it great when you were play-riding.

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