will they big bores be around?

i have recently caught intrest in the big bore two strokes, like over 300ccs and have a question- does anyone make modern big bore two strokes anymore aside from maico? or is it possible to make one out of the largest displacement avaible ( i e ktm sx250 with 300 kit, bored 80 over and stroked out)? what is the maximum displacemnt avaible after doing this?

the reson i asked this is because when i get to be out of college i want to take my turn with the bg bores before there are none left. just to tase what real power is, like the kind that will lift the front end in every gear.

I didn't know abou service Honda. But I still have questions about like a 250. What is the maximum displacement that can be added by boring and stroking

I have seen 250s bored to 300s. I think people take a ktm 250, bore it out, and put a ktm 300 piston in it. The ATK 700 is currently the biggest smoker.

why not just find a cr500.... alot of them with few mods push 65 hp easy.

Service Honda is known for the CR500Af and no doubt that is a bad ass bike but they also make a KX500AF now. I know a lot of guy's like the KX motor more than the CR. the 5Honey as they call it is smooth and still a 500 two stroke so powerful by anyone's standards. I have only rode a CR500 and can tell you it is a beast that must be short shifted but mere mortals. I would love to throw a leg over a KX but don't know anyone who has one. If a 500 is too much service honda has the YZ300 or a KX250AF or CR250AF as well. for justabout 11,000 you can have one.

is service honda like a group of engineers or something? im not familar with them, what exactly are they?

Well I've got a KTM 500 and I'm still in college. It's scary fast. Definitely more power than I can use anywhere but the dunes. You should check one out, they're cheap enough.

is service honda like a industry of like engineers or what exactly are they?

It's just a small company that shoves two-stroke engines in frames that didn't come with them.

are they like really skilled? is it hard to get into it?

i thought they were international

do they do four strokes aswell, and do they like build the engine or buy it froma older cr? they seem kinda interesting. ive already checked out their website and all i see is 250 and 500s.

they do 4ts as well...they make a crf250x jr its a 250x motor in a crf150r chassis

So are they just like technicians or are they like engineers? How hard would it be to try to get in? Or is it so small that they just take people that live closeby?

Aren't they international? Btw please excuse my ignorance guys my


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