YZ250F 2006 a good bike?

Presently own a '99 YZ400F with a Wiseco 420 kit.

Bike has served me well but am now a bit older /

wiser and want to start riding more. Looking

for a lighter ride that only a 250F can offer. There

is a pretty original low hour YZ250F 2006 first

year alu. frame bike somewhat local at 3800

Very tempted to go look at it and bring it home.

Is the suspension alright on that year bike?

Did it get the SSS fork is was tht only from 2008+ ?

Thanks for any help !

not sure about the fork but it is a great bike. my friend has one. not as good as the 07, 08, 09, 10 but compared to other manufacters of 2006 its right up there. not sure about the price the bike its self is great. although i do recomend the 2010 model. recently bought one of those and they are awesome. way better than the 09. if you can free up some extra cash, do so. its totally worth it

Make sure the recall has been done on the valves

It has the sss forks, and is almost identical to the 07,08 models, there were minor changes between the models, but not enough to choose over, 09 had adjustable bar position on triple clamps and differnt size rear axle,

I have an 06 and I love it. It is very comfortable and easy to ride for long stretches. The power delivery is smooth but if you want the "Bat out of hell" throttle response it needs a pipe and the JD jet kit. They make quite a difference in the top end. The last time I went riding with a group of guys I ran into at a local spot, they were on 2 Strokes and 450's and I had no problem staying mid pack. Since it's a five year old bike and if you're tall enough, I'd spring for the SDG tall seat. It makes transitioning easy and the seated ride of very plush:worthy:

It makes riding my CRF seem like work:foul:

The price is a bit high (USD or CAD?). They run about $2200-$2800 USD in my area.

Thanks guys, all good info.

Glad it has the SSS forks.

Yes in CDN, a bit high maybe?

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