Doomed First Ride!!!

Hey everyone,

So as I have posted, I recently bought a new 09 CRF 250X. I needed to do the jetting, fuel screw, etc, etc, etc. So today, I decide to ride the bike for the first time since doing the mods. The idea was to take it out for a light ride in the woods to warm the engine up to dial in the idle and the fuel crew settings with the new jetting I had done. I get a couple of miles from hy house on a trail. I'm now on a straight a way doing a relaxed 30 mph pace. The next thing I know is I am on the ground and in a fair amount of pain. It was like the steering went out. After assessing the situation, I come to find out that one of the axle holder bolts came out and lodged between the brake disc and the front caliper!!! The bike immediately seized and threw me over the handle bars. The disc is bent and I THINK the caliper may be shot too. Not to mention a ruined brake lever, heavy plastic damage on the right side, bent handlebars, chunked up swing arm (landed in a fair amount of rocks), etc. Seriously, this bike went from showroom condition to beat up badly on an engine warm up trip to set the fuel screw!

This has left me with questions. Has anybody ever heard of this happening? This seems like such a freak accident. Also, this being the first trip out would you tend to think that it was an error when the bike was being set up? Should I question the dealership, or was I just being negligent? I could understand if this bike had been ridden a lot, and I neglected to check the tightness of bolts, etc. But the first time out seems a little odd to me. I have someone coming by to help me evaluate the damage and see what I need to do.

Thanks ,


If this is the first ride and you have not removed the axle clamp bolt yourself prior I would contact the dealer and see if you can get some assistance. They will probably tell you to kick rocks like most dealers do. I know a lot of people go over there bike when they buy it new and make sure every thing is greased and tight prior to riding it. All that being said i dont expect parts to come loose from my bike on the first ride let alone come loose, jam up the brakes, throw me to the ground and bend up the plastics bars and levers.

It is pretty easy to fix all the things that are damaged. Plastics can be replaced, check to make sure the radiator is not bent. If you had radiator guards then you should be ok. Check to see if the bars just twisted in the up triple clamp. you can loosen the bolts where bar mounts go through. levers are easy to replace as are grips. Sucks you will be buying a new rotor and possible caliper. Good luck.

On a good note, once you have the parts in hand, it really shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to fix it all back to like new again.

Good Luck.

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