EXC250F changes over last 5 years

Thinking getting a KTM EXC250F and have been looking at bikes in the 2007-10 age range as new is probably too expensive for me.

What changes have been made to the EXC250F over the last five years or so? I know the RFS engine 250 may be a bit under powered and heavy compared to later engine bikes.

What else has happened to chassis, engine and suspension since say 2005 till now?

Everything has been changed including the motor.

Looking at bikes from '05 till now I can see that there has been total change, but since I will buy used I'm interested in how much change between years in that time, like from '06 to '07 etc, sort of like the history of evolution.

From the hunting I did I think it goes like this.

05 Old frame, RFS engine

06 Old frame, RFS engine

07 Old frame, RC4 engine

08 New frame, RC4 engine

09 New frame, RC4 engine

10 New frame, RC4 engine

Is that right? Is there much difference between 08 and 2010?

If new brakes or suspension went on in 09, or something like that, then I am interested to know.

The newer the better its up to you. The newer frame turns better and the new suspension is better stock and the new motor runs stronger, holds valve adjustment longer. Shims not tappets. KTM updates all the time making their products better. They build one of the best 250s out there. And the brakes are the same except for rotors and a different front mastercylinder.

Thanks, that helps. I will just have to see what I can find for sale and how far the budget can stretch...

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