Crf 230f valve maintenance

Does anyone know when you should get your valves maintenance on a crf 230?mines a 2007 and not sure if it has ever been done with the previous owners?

THe only time I maintain my valves is if I hear them ticking loudly, or making weird noises, or if it's hard to start up. I've had my 230f for over 4 yrs, w/ about 300 hrs run time on it. Have not yet touched the valves. Starts right up on the 1st push of the button and runs like the 1st day I bought it. My suggestion is if it's running fine, and it starts up fine, then I'd leave it alone. One thing I do w/ my 230f is every now and then is I'll run some gas w/ synthetic 2stroke oil premixed @ 80:1 through the engine. I think it helps to lube the valve guides, now that ethanol is mandated to be in the gasoline supply. Keeps the top end lubed up like it should. Reason I use 80:1 isn't by any scientific method. It's the premix gas I burn in my trials bike, and as little as I ride the trials bike, the 80:1 premix I don't use after 2 months gets burned in the 230f.

all you need to do is check them with a feeler gauge. they will get tight with use not loose to hear a clicking noise as they seat deeper in the seats = less to zero gap between the cam and valves... burning oil in a 4 stroke will build up carbon on the valves, piston, ect. not a good idea :confused:... if it gets hard to start then check them :thumbsup: as far as lube for your gas you could use this but its not needed because you have hard seats lead was used to cushion the valves on inpact

I have an 07 as well. Checked mine over the winter and they we're both in perfect spec. I also like to run a bit of sea foam in my bike, also put some in my gas. It not only keeps the gas from going bad, but also cleans any carbon in the motor.

These motors are pretty bullet proof. They do not require valve checking often like a 4 stroke race engine.

I currently looking into buying a crf230 and this is all really good to know. Since im just a beginner its nice to know that ill be getting a pretty low maintenance bike and wont have to worry about the valves to much, hopefully just regular oil filter and air filter cleaning along with some oil changes.

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