powdercoat vs 2pac

gday all whats the consensus on powdercoating rims vs 2pack paint?

pros and cons pls


its for my nephew, more money than sense


:thumbsup: That's what I was thinkin' too.

Anyway, I would go with powder coating. It's relatively durable. I had to look up what 2 pack paint was or I should have called my father, since he's been in the auto body world for 30 years. lol

much rather biggie.. but in all seriousness powder coating

thankyou guys and im a biggie fan too

We have a lot of parts powdercoated or painted with two-part, oven-cured epoxy paint at my work. I strongly prefer the paint. It's thinner, so a little easier to scratch through, but also looks better, doesn't have the candy-apple look that hides all surface details, can be touched up better, and if you ever want to strip it to re-do it, it's 1000 times easier. We've had many, many more quality issues with powder, too. Oh, yeah. The thinner paint is also lighter, for those who count grams.

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