2011 KX250f Break-in Procedure...

Hi guys,

I took the plunge yesterday and traded in my old 09 YZ250f for a brand new 2011 KX250f. But I don't get the bike till Tuesday... cant wait!!! :thumbsup: The dealer gave me the spares kit and the owner manual and I was reading the break-in procedure. I have never owned a brand new bike so this will be my first break-in. I was reading the owners manual and step 6 of the break in says "Change the engine oil, oil filter and front fork/rear shock absorber oil to the new one."

Just wondering how many of you guys changed your front fork/rear shock absorber oil as part of your break-in procedure?

Thanks in advance.

I changed my fork oil after a couple of hours. The shock I left alone until it hit 20 hours.

The fork is more likely to contaminate the oil.

But there really is no breaking it in. Just let it warm up fully, then ride like normal. And service the suspension as normal.

I changed suspension fluids at 20 hours.

I'm kind of old school when it comes to breaking in. After I go through and grease all the bearings and loc-tite bolts, I start the bike and ride easy for about 15-20 minutes. I then let the bike cool down. I'll do this a couple of times until I get about an hour on the engine. Then I go through and service it. Change oil & filter, re-torque all the motor mounts, etc...Now I feel it's good to go. Pretty extreme by some but that's just how I was taught. One thing you DO NOT want to do is start the bike and just let it sit & idle. These motors get hot very quickly. Good luck. You'll like the bike.

As far as suspension, I normally will wait until about 3 or 4 rides and then service. I'm doing enduros with mine so that would be close to 15 hours...

congrats !

i traded in a like new '09 KFX450 on the a 2011 KX250f .

I rode mine around the yard nothing hard, 20 minute laps hitting all the gears but keeping it under full throtttle that was what my dealer recommended...

didn't say anything about suspensions.

Google 'Mototune' or use that as a search term on TT

Google 'Mototune' or use that as a search term on TT

That's an interesting article. Makes some good sense.

Thanks for the tips guys. The dealer delivered my bike to my work yesterday... I was peaking out the window every 5 minutes just to make sure it was still on the back of my ute. Put a new hour meter on it last night and started to pull it apart to do my new bike prep.

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