'06 WR450 electric start necessary?

So, just bought a battery and everythings cool, but bike starts first time every time with kicker. Had a DRZ kicker prior, and maybe once a day was off camber enough to wish for e-start. Always worked out. Is it worth the 10# or so, and how to convert to kicker only with lights etc?

I'd take a look in the sticky links in this thread at the top. I remember seeing a post about making a wr a kicker only...

Converting to a kicker only is simple, freeze plug where the starter was, pull the battery, install a 'eliminator capacitor'. You can go further pulling the wiring, starter relay but it is not worth the trouble. Keep in mind the speedo will reset ever time you shut the bike off.

I really appreciate the e button on mine.

Thanks, will probably ride this battery out, then re-evaluate. I'll be older then.

The way I look at it is the times you "need" it, it's invaluable. I threw my back out in 2001 and has been touch and go sometimes ever since. I don't mind kicking but after a big spill sometimes it's nice just to press a button and go.

Honestly, the weight savings, say 5-7 lbs? I've taken 5 lb. dumps before, like that is going to be the difference between a light feeling bike and a pig? I don't think so. If it's broken and stopping the bike from working, sure pull it. Otherwise I don't see the point to mess with the removal.



Im not sure about the newer WRs. My 04 wr has the same size kick shaft as the YZ250f

If you were to use it as a kick only bike I would think it would be worth to upgrade to the larger size kick shaft and kick start knuckle from a YZ. There is a reason they are larger on the YZ. Yamaha is smart and they dont make parts bigger or smaller on their bikes with no reason

I sure love my estart. I went trail riding with some friends and their kids, and it was go, stop, go stop, go, stop...was nice having the button. Especially while I watched my buddy kick his CR500.

I want to pick up a second bike for racing only, and that will probably be a 2T kicker.

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