Why would Suter develop an FI 500 cc 2T

I just found out that Suter a European builder of Moto 2 bikes is developing a 500 CC 2T FI engine. I'm a big fan of 2T but why would they be developing something like that?


Engine Type 4 Cylinder V4 two stroke

double counter rotating crankshaft, roller bearings

Displacement 54 x 54,5

(56 x 58,5 optional version)

Power min. 200hp

Aspiration Electronic fuel injection

four port throttle body

four carbon reed valve

Exhaust Valve Double flap

electronic controlled

Exhaust four single resonance steel chambers

(optional Titanium)

Gearbox SRT six speed cassette gearbox

Clutch SuterClutch multi disc dry

Ignition Marelli ECU


So they don't have to pedal that new bike they're working on.

thats the most awesome road bike I've ever seen!!!


sounds like something I'd like to get when I'm older :worthy:

That engine is pure sex! V4, 2t, FI... excuse me.... I need to be alone! :thumbsup:

I will sell all of my belongings and sling crack, so I could get one of those. lol

It's a GP bike, so it's not street legal but why would they develop a two stroke engine. Do they know something we don't know?

Maybe they just long for the "good ol' days"...lol!

500cc and 200hp

Bring back the 500CC MotoGP!!!!

I will sell all of my belongings and sling crack, so I could get one of those. lol
Bring back the 500CC MotoGP!!!!

This and this! Man would i love to here the V4 2Ts screamin around the track again.

That thing is straight boss! I would love to see 2T 500s make a comeback in Moto GP!

that thing looks nuts, and the specs sem to back it up.

now...make a V-twin 250 so i can stick it into a dirtbike.

but why would they be developing something like that?

Who cares? I WANT ONE!!!!!:thumbsup:

Ok I think I figured it out. So Moto GP will go to modified 1000 cc production base bikes in the future, which means that they will suck! There is only so much that you can do to make a bike superfast if you start with a production bike. So what I'm thinking is that you could buy a Suter 500 cc GP bike and turn faster laps than a Moto GP racer if you know how to ride. I'll bet you that Suter is between 75,000 to 100,000 euros if not way more.

The FIM will hamstring them to the point of not being competetive. See what they did to the 125 and 250 Motogp class this year. They made it slower, more expensive and flat boring. Remember when Kenny Roberts went racing in Formula Extreme with year old 500 smokers and was ran out of the class even though it was supposed to be run what you brung? The powers to be in the decision making positions of FIM and AMA aren't hard core racers and probably most have never raced. They're bureaucrats who have lobbyists into their pockets to make rules much like the whore like politicians we have running our local, state and federal government.


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