Cr 80 annoying break downs

ok so i have had multiple threads on here asking about how to fix my issue but i need to get some straight answers ok

what happens is i will be riding for a good 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it just boggs down and then dies and i cant start it agian for a good 15 minutes and then the same thing just keep hapening over and over agian

i have changed the spark plug that dosent do anything wont start, changed the air screw on the carby to default factory via owners manual i have cleaned out my carby but i have not ran it since due to when i was putting carby back together i snaped the throttle cable and i am getting a new one my gas cap breather hose works fine and the petcock is not blocked can i have some answers thank you

(1982 honda cr 80) :thumbsup:

Whens the last time you put in a fresh top end? It may have low compression, even though it would be odd that it stops running after a while if its the top end. If you havent done one in a while its probably needed and will be something to rule out if it doesnt solve the problem.

could be i mean i can kick it ovr with my hand after all

The vent hose may be clean, but I suspect the cap. Ride it with the cap alittle loose and see what happens?

had the same thing going on with one of our 85s it was the crank going bad

Well, since piston, cap, and crank have all been taken... :thumbsup:

I'm gonna guess you are fouling your plug, unless you meant that you changed it right after the bike died and it didn't help? My theory is that after 15 minutes of the bike dying, the plug dries enough to get a good enough spark to run for a bit then fouls again.

What does a new plug look like right after your bike dies?

whats your float level like ? my guess is too much or too little fuel

You need to do a leak down and compression check on it. If thats good then the carb float or stator maybe the culprit.

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