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2011 KX250f vs 2011 SXF 250

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I'm 6', 165lbs. About a B class rider. Riding about 60% trails, 40% track.

Need some opinions on each bike:

Which bike has better handling?

Which bike has a stronger motor? I rather have bottom end than top end but I also understand some of this can be modified with aftermarket exhaust so which bike has a better overall power band?

Which bike has a lighter, more nimble feel while riding?

Does either bike have any particular issues I should be aware about?

Any feedback on either bike would be great.


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Handeling- KX

Stronger motor- KX


Issues- KTM has very expensive parts

I have found KTM OEM parts to be the same price (sometimes cheaper) as the Jap bikes and aftermarket prices are the same across the board. This seems to be a typical argument against euro bikes in general but is just complete BS spit out over and over.

Now as for choosing between the KX and SXF I can only tell you to go look at both and sit on them. If you can get a demo ride even better. You can read all the reviews, which is were almost everyone on this board gets their "expert" opinion, but riding them is the only real way to know. I have noticed KTM has been having demo days throughout the country so see if you can find one at a track near you.

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