I've been using the plastic skid plate for seven years now and it's been perfect. Plus, it actually makes the bike quieter, quite a feat for a DRZ. I can't remember the name of the manufacturer, but you should be able to find it by searching on Thumpertalk.

what ! .. it makes it quieter ?

that is a first , i have a RPP carbon bash plate laying around somewhere . i had to remove it because it amplified motor noise

awesome response thanks guys!...C F amplified noise ?????? how?

I have had the TT one and the MSR racing one and the Tonn's Racing one and the CRD one. Best looking and fit and easiest to mount- CRD (not made anymore but a really nice fitted plate), most burly - Tonn's Racing and easy to mount and very durabble, The TT and MS Racing used frame clamps which were a real pain. Unless they have changed from that method I would not buy them. They are durable but clamps suck. Pictures below. The plastic bag on each is just the mounting bolts.

CRD - CRDSkidPlate1.jpg


Tonn's Racing - TonnsRacingSkidPlate1.jpg


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Tonns is the best one currently made. Bomb proof design, you break that skid plate and you have far worse problems to deal with. The tonns pictured above must be an earlier generation, the one I own is more robust looking and simpler in design.

I just hate that Tonn's doesn't have a web store or anything like that. It really keeps me from ordering one.

I just hate that Tonn's doesn't have a web store or anything like that. It really keeps me from ordering one.

Sure they do - http://www.tonnsfabrication.com/index.html

I am selling my Tonn's racing plate as I am not using the DRZ for off-road anymore. It is the most rugged plate i have ever seen but best is Mike Tonn guarantees the plates. Good guys to work with. :thumbsup:

Check these guys out. http://www.utahsportcycle.com/store/page165.html

I have one on my Z and it is tough as nails. Locally made where I live. Super solid. Kind of a pain to clean if you get into so mud but if you clean it straight away now big deal. Awesome skid plate.

That is the same one from the TT store, except you get a discount on TT.

Check it out, and look at the serial number: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ThumperTalk_Skid_Plates_p/bp_tt_skid446.htm

Your right it is the same, I didn't even look at the one sold by TT. I get a locals discount that can't be beat from Ricochet so? But if you can get a discount from TT then it is a no brainer. Like I said awesome skid plate and super tough w/ great coverage.

I have the Tonn's, and sure thing it's the strongest thing ever built, however for me it intrudes too much on my shifter and brake pedal. I recently removed it as it started causing a high-rev vibration and I realize how much easier it is to use my controls.

I haven't had any issues with my TT plate, of course I don't really ride on boulders so I can't say I have testd it as much as some others may have.

I have not had the Moose CF skid plate but have had the one from Eline and thought it looked good until it got all beat up (quickly in Northern CA rocks) then looked like crap. Also not nearly as durable as a metal skid plate. All depends on your riding area (if there are a lot of rocks and roots). If so I would not go carbon fiber. They look trick and they are quieter but not as durable. My opinions. Paul

Do the current TT ones use clamps or do they bolt to the frame?

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