Using a Torque Wrench on Clutch Springs

Hi Guys,

I could do with a little help.

In my manual, it says to tighten the clutch springs to 9.5NM, but my Torque Wrench goes from 12NM-68NM. Unfortuently, it won't go low enough as you can see.

Do I have to buy a new torque wrench which will be able to go lower amounts?

I will also need to do the Right Hand Crankcase Cover to 9.5NM!

Could I say tighten too 21.5NM, then loosen it off 12NM, so it would give me 9.5NM or would that not work or put unnecasary strain on the bolts?

Thanks and ATB


Probably wouldn't hurt to over torque, then back off the torque like you'd mentioned, just for the clutch springs. You wouldn't want to do this with a regular fastener though. You don't want to risk breaking something. I'd get a smaller torque wrench. You'll use it again.

Do not over torque! Get a 1/4 drive torque wrench. That is the one that you will most often use on a motorcycle.

Don't, Very easy to break the fingers on a clutch basket be overtightening.

Definately get a new torque wrench. I'm in your position as well. My torque wrench doen't go low enough. It's good for my trucks, but I need to look into getting something smaller for my bikes.

i had the same problem. i over-tighten them by hand and thinking they were still loose they broke in the clutch hub.

I had to buy 5 x new bolts ($4 each!) as the others stretched and could no longer be used.

Tighten by hand and then go 1/4 turn. that will be sufficient. So easy to overtighten both springs and clutch cover - be careful!.

If you do manage to break the heads off, dont stress, they come out very easy with some needle nose pliers

Get a 3/8 torque wrench and do it the right way.

Ok, Thanks guys!

I will buy a new torque wrench!

Which size should I go for : 1/4" or 3/8"?

Thanks and ATB

1/4" is what you need, the 1/4" wrench had the lowest torque values, plus you need the smaller size for tight areas like torquing cam caps when the motor is in the frame etc.

Ok, Thanks guys!

I will buy a new torque wrench!

Which size should I go for : 1/4" or 3/8"?

Thanks and ATB

It all depends on the range of the wrench. My small 3/8" torque wrench measures from 25-250in/lbs and handles even the smallest bolts on the bike.

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