2004 honda xr 250 need more power!

hey guys my xr 250 has been running shit, it seemed to have leaned itself out it hasnt got any torque compared to 2 weeks ago when it was running normal. the valves are noisy could this be it? it is decreasing in power every time i ride it.

i want to get more power out of this,can someone guide me in the right direction,i have $500 to spend on the engine on parts,my friend will do the rebuild. big bore kits,rejetting compression ratio, can someone guide me in the right direction.. its an awesome reliable trail bike. p.s this is my first post i dont know if its in the right section

first of all when was the valves serviced & checked for the correct settings

Yeah, find out what is going wrong with it 1st. You may need to use a good chunk of your budget to fix the valve train. If the head and valves are good, then you can look at big bore kits etc. Take your time and dont rush to buy things untill you know what you need for sure. :smirk:

Since your taking apart motor,Most important your xr came with soft intake valves.Replace all the valves with kibble white valves.280 big bore,use the lower comp Piston ,to sleave bore at 2 thou. Careful break in .Keep stock cam.Also I would replace cam chain.Any worn out parts in head replace.

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