a few wr questions :-)

hi guys can i ask a few questions and get a few answers ? i have a 05 wr which im in the process of over hauling/re building, i will be competing im my local HS/Enduro championship here in the uk, i have competed before but on a 2s.

luckly for me i have full ohlins from a 01 kx125 which i will be adapting for the wr,

just picked up a rekluse and looking to do the handle bar brake option,

does anyone use the clutch option as well ?

the bike has a leo vince silencer is there a need for a lv header pipe aswell ?

wot gearing do you recomend ?

any mods and recomendations ?


Can't really answer any of the questions except the last one. Really recommend a JD jetting and maybe a set of Hot Cams. Is your airbox like ours in the U.S.? Very constricted? If so you definitely need to open that up because if you don't none of the mods are going to do you any good

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