10/11 450 frame guards ?? not GYTR

Anyone know who may be manufacturing frame guards for 2010/2011 yz450 ? Preferably carbonfiber ...had em for my 08 , and gytr has em in aluminum , but i want something similiar to the eline one's i had for the 08....


Check out lightspeed, they are doing carbon fibre for the 2010/11 Yamaha, need to contact them, no listing on the website.

Lightspeed is doing them but when they will actually be produced is unknown as the release date has been pushed back several times since last November. Current eta-end off the month. LIghtspeed is the company making the gytr gauards.

I just got the Lightsped glide plate and im not buying from them again >>> waited over 2 months for it , THEN the thing had a "fin " on the rear that had to be cut off in order to fit without needing to remove rear brake spring everytime ( so much for easy oil changes )

So i cut and ground the thing to size .

The guy wrote me an nice email explaining what i did was ok , since they designed it for Factory Teams ( they completely break bikes down once a week ).

Truth is I had to shave underbelly of plate as well for a flush fit....not worth the price if you ask me

I have the one piece skid plate/case gaurds and it fits perfect. I've never had a problem with their products just how long it takes them to produce them sometimes.


How long did you wait between ordering and receiving? I ordered April 19th and still have not received it.

It only took 4 days as they had it in stock when I ordered. They make x amount every time they do a production run and if they happen to be out of that item you will have to wait until they do another production run. I'd call them and see what the situation is as you have been waiting a while. They are pretty good about letting you know when something will be available. It doesn't show you on the online store though.

Thanks, Rick. I am going to call them tomorrow.

Good to hear the glid plates are shipping, mine has been on order since february :smirk:

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