2002 cr125 intake mods?

Anybody have any experience or opinions on this set up for an 02 cr125?

00'YZ 125 intake manifold

38mm airstriker carb

05-07 cr125 air boot

any feedback would be a big help thanks:thumbsup:

The air boot is good along with adding more holes on the side. At least 3 1" holes per side so you can use the Uni insert vents

personally I use the Vforce reeds, dialed in the carb a bit and a pipe spacer from MX bonz and it screams.

I dont understand the YZ manifold, dont know that the bolt pattern would be the same. The Kehin carb, yes heard it is an upgrade. But hard to upgrade the bottom end when most all the time on the bike you are WOT at the track trying to run down 450s.

Right on jj thanks for the info, but about the yz manifold i heard the opening is about 6mm bigger all around than the stock cr manifold & bolt pattern is the same but the cr bolts have a lil bigger dia. So you would have to drill um out a bit... And also the carb angle is the same, so hopefully everything bolts up pretty nice!

jj i took ur advise and ordered the 05 boot, uni inserts & vforce reeds, but im still on the fence with the keihin carb...gotta look into it a little more.

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