Early 70's MX project

I am ready for my next project, just about finished with my 1968 ace 100super rat. I want to do an early 70's 125-250 2 stroke to for my 16 year old kid to race in the vintage class. Any suggestions on a good bike or bikes I should stay away from. Thanks David

Ok, some of you guys must be old enough to remember early 70's bikes, if so what would you pick to restore? Lots of bikes on craig's list to choose from, need a little help.

Thanks David

I too am looking to restore a 70's bike, but i am going for the late 70s. Currently i am thinking about a 1978 kaw kx250. It is amazing how many new oem parts you can still get for kaws. Would love to find a maico or husky, but i'd imagine it would cost a small fortune in parts!

i would look for a 125 bultaco pursang,i get tired of all the vintage jap bikes

I wanna see a pic of that Hodaka

can am 250. best bike at the time from what i have heard

I have a '74 Suzuki TM250 I've been gathering parts to restore, might not be my first pick, but the price and condish were very good. I think that's important unless there's a particular bike you have to have.

There's a number of bikes in the '74-'80 year range I could get really excited to restore and race.

I would vote for a 73 or 74 Honda CR125 Elsinore, that was my first real mx bike and it was an amazing leap forward for Honda at the time.

+1 on the 125 elsinore or a tm125 suzuki

Thanks for the input so far, I would love to do a Maico, Bultaco, HD or CZ. Looked at my local craigs list and none posted in in the last couple of months. I think I will start to a weekly search though. I will start looking for some of the others you suggested. My kids are about all grown up so need something to keep me busy. I will post a picture of my super rat soon, still working on the air filter assembly, but ready to roll otherwise. Thanks David

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