Hi Guys,

I am thinking of getting a 450cc 4 stroke quad.

Which make + models would you recommend?

It would be used for racing most likely.

Thanks and ATB


2004-2006 Honda TRX450R.

2004-2006 Honda TRX450R.

Thanks for your suggestion! :thumbsup:

May I ask why you chose that make and model?

Thanks and ATB

Pretty much the best 450 quad out there. Everybody races them for that very reason, and the 450R almost always comes out ontop.

2010 fuel injected yfz450r

What kind of "racing"? Around here I don't even have to think twice, I would choose the Honda for the desert. For the track, probably the YFZ. (We don't have woods and cross counrty racing like they do in the east.)

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