Trouble with kyb 48mm


I was about to give the fork the first service of the year yesterday.

But I ran into trouble! It's a KYB 48mm TC(Twin Chamber)

So I took it apart and every thing was smooth and fine.

And so I started to assemble the outer leg.

Hum di dum di dum

Everything went smooth until I put in the oilsealbushing (the one piece of metal that glides against the inner tube).

Then when I was going to try to move the outer tube it was almost like stuck! And I was :thumbsup:

Tried this two to three times with no success!!

Hope you under stand something of my lousy english


sounds like the bush is the wrong one or badly made

Yeah I thought so to so I tried with the old bush but it didnt go any better :S

Is the bushing fully in the outer tube?

Do you put some oil on the teflonsurface?

Double check that everything is in the proper order and in the correct orientation, one of those little spacers is directional. Also, make sure you have the bushing on the top of the inner leg properly and then make sure you have the inner leg inserted into the upper leg far enough before trying to tap the bushing and washer into the upper leg.

I just disassembeld everything again and this time I really made sure that everything was were it was supposed to be, I even measured the bushing in the outer leg.

It actually got a little bit better but now it's running kind of smooth the first lets say 10cm then the next 10cm there is a rough spot and the last 10cm is kinda smooth again.

I dont know but it aint supposed to be there right??

Take some pictures if you can

bent tube

I took it to RCameron today and he came the the conclusion that it was a bust bushing.

He put in a new one from K-tech and voila Smooth as a baby but!!

Off-topic, I see SKF is doing oilseals, which company is SKF?? what does it stand for??

you must be kidding, dude:

Svenska Kullagerfabriken located in Göteborg

Hehe, naah I thought it migth be that company just wanted to check

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