cr250 powerband

HI is there a way to smooth out the powerband? I have changed the exshaust and reed valves ,spaced out the carb from the cylinder and use a fly wheel weight is there anything else that I could do to make it more progresive

Power valve... but I don't know much about the CR. I believe you can adjust it, though I don't know how. Someone here should know.

Tell us the year of your bike--it makes all the difference in the world.

Hi the year of my bike is 2003

What weight is your FWW?

yea, how meany OZ. is your fly wheel weight....what pipe/sillener do you have on it?

I run a 9oz FWW, an FMF gnarly, 38mm PWK Air Stryker from a 2002 KTM 200 EXC (7.0 slide, 40 pilot, 168 main, and JD red needle), and Boysen rad valve on my 2002 and have 4-stroke style power with no hit. If I run a stock 2003 pipe on it keeping everything else the same, I get the typical 2-stroke hit, which is not fun in slick conditions.

Hope this helps!

Hi I run a 14oz FFW, gnarly gold pipe with standard silencer

I think (some correct me if I'm wrong) that there's a company called G3, they make a throttle with different cams in it to allow for a more easily modulated carb/slide control?

G3 not correct. It's G2ergo dot com

dual gaskets cylinder or head, preferably head, mine got so smoooth, so much easier to wheelie :thumbsup:

Lowering the compression on the motor will get you the results your looking for. I had the oportunity to ride an 07 CR250 a couple of years ago that was raced at GNCC offroad events. That was the smoothest 2t powerband I've ridden it felt like my 450 smooth & torquey with no hit in the band. I talked to the mechanic afterwards that set the bike up & he mentioned that he'd put an oem lower comp. cyl head offerd by Honda.

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