95 XR250r rear rim

Hey guys,

I have a XR250r 95 model with a 18x1.85 32 spoke rim, which is cracked beyond repair, Trying to find one of these is proving to be extremely difficult!!

Are there any alternatives to this rim? or somewhere you know i maybe able to source one or a complete wheel? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

i just want to get out and :thumbsup: again!!!

Sorry to hear about your rim, same thing happened to mine,,

Luckily mine was able to be welded up as it wasn't overly bad.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing

Don't know if they will post to NZ but I have great success with


All you do is plug in what you're after and they send an email out to all the wreckers etc on their database, then if anyone has what you're after they shoot you an email with the cost of item and delivery.

as long as the axle matches, won't the later years work? 2.15" isn't that much wider. Shouldn't be hard to find one, where are you looking?

2.15" rim will work just fine

Hey guys thanks for your replies! I have looked at getting the 2.15 but have been unable to find a 32 spoked one, :-|, I'll give findapart.com a go and see what i come up with....

I tried buying a used wheel when mine broke,,

I got Quoted $500 for a new, aftermarket rim, all new spokes & nipples and assembling and trueing on my hub

So i rang my local wreckers (JDK Motorcycle Wreckers) and they wanted $450 for just a wheel! No disc, no sprocket, no tyre! So i told them where to go!!!

I found one on ebay lately, in much better condition then the one from the wreckers, and at half the price!!!!!!!!

Take your time searching and get yourself a deal!!

I got a good response from findapart.com< all wanted around $500 AUD plus another $88

for a second hand complete wheel minus the tyre, which i think is a bit expensive! I sent out about 20 emails last night and Econohonda in Auckland NZ got back to me and can source me a brand spankin new one (rim only) for $250 NZD plus $20 frieght and i can have it in 2 days!!! DAMN LEGENDS in my book!!!

Thanks for all the advice guys - much appreciated

I thought all XR's were 32 spoke rear??

And 36 front??

I think the 95 xr250 rear wheel is the same as all xr250's xr400's on .

Check part #'s but I'm pretty sure.

They go for anywhere from 80-250 bucks on fleabay, their like gold and guys know it.

Older xr's are the same outer rim and can be bought for a lot less money but have a different hub . If you know how to re-lace a wheel maybe thats another way to go .

Always check part numbers .

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