Positioning rings/indexing

Hi all, Im ready to put my motor back together. Does it matter where the endgap is located on the piston when installing the rings? Is 180 degrees variation with endgap good for the 3 OEM rings?.. Ive read on here the rings spin during operation-not sure on that..

Thanks in advance

Does it matter where the endgap is located?

YES, look in the book for location... generally, they should be closer to the wrist pin and not at the front of the piston or back of the piston, but not directly in line with the wrist pin. Think of the wrist pin at 90 degrees, then clock the top ring at 100 degrees. If you put the top ring on the right side, the put the second on the left side. Then put the oil ring on the right side. I have not noticed that rings on 4Ts rotate much. Rings on 2Ts are pinned so they will not rotate.

Thre ring piston, space the end gaps 120 degrees apart, two ring piston 180 degrees. Top gap towards the left(cam chain side) and work down.

4S rings can rotate thought they rarely do. 2S rings have to be pinned becaus if they do rotate and the end gap is at a port, a snag can happen, resulting in a ruined piston and barrel as well as your day.

Thanks guys..Well understood!

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