Easy Stebel Brackets

I tried the upper bracket first (standard aluminum stock: 3/4" X 1/8" X 3'.. $4 @ HD) but didn't like the way the horn vibrated, so back to Home Depot for more aluminum stock. Because this bracket was going to be a lot longer I went with 1" stock ($2; they had an offcut :thumbsup:, the price for the regular 3' is about $6.50)

I put the stock in a vise and bent it by hand after measuring how much space I had to work with, and then, with a little bit of drilling to the right hole size, a little bit of grinding to take off the corners and to clear the lower bolt in pic #1 we're done... well almost.

I took the tank and panels off the bike in order to wire the relay into the system and to get at the original horn wires. Fortunately the removal of the tank provided access to swing a wrench on the nut that holds the horn to the brackets. It's a pain to get it real tight with the tank on. With the original bolt supplied by the Stebel distributor, there's not a lot of it left after adding 1/4" of brackets, enough, but not a lot. Time for blue loctite.

Now all I have to do is remove everything and put the brackets to the polisher after filing everything smooth. My buddy/helper/supervisor, Stu the Jew (who at 75 still cranks it daily on his BMW 1100 RS and chases women endlessly and successfully) says to leave it the F*** alone because no one will notice.

I told him I'm having them anodized red! :worthy:

My thanks to previous posters who addressed the problems of location/installation of the Stebel. I'm once again indebted to knowledgeable members of this fabulous forum. :confused: Here's some pics.




HaHa, I have a friend like Stu the Jew, Fred also 75 who can outride most half his age! Thanks for the Stebel mounting tips.

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