Modified KFX450 switch for KLX450

Here's some pics of a KFX450 switch I modified to work for my KLX. I was hoping to get headlight off/low/high capability and also clean up my dashboard a little.

Of course, there are aftermarket switches out there but I'm not going to title this and would have no need for the signals and horn. This switch ran me $30 on Ebay. Some shrink tubing, solder and a few hours later, everything works.

If anyone's interested in the wiring diagram, let me know. With this setup, the light works independently of the "on" switch, and you can turn the motor over in the "off" position but it won't fire.



Nice, clean install.

I had switches for the light and cooling fan mounted up near the odometer, but yours looks very sweet.

My route sheet holder takes up a lot of bar real estate, so I couldn't do what you did.... don't think so, anyway.

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